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Pro AV Solutions

Pro AV Express offers a streamlined way to purchase AV equipment online, with fast delivery direct to your door. Beyond that, we’re a team of specialists who thrive on understanding your needs and ensuring you have the right product for the job. If you’re looking for advice and support, our staff are available in person or over the phone to share our first-hand industry experience and product knowledge. With over 30 years of experience in audio-visual sales and installation, we also offer technical design solutions and consultancy. If you have a complex audio-visual requirement or simply want to match a new piece of equipment to your existing system, we’ll save you the research and ensure a first-rate outcome.

Zone Bowling


At Zone Bowling we are proud of how inclusive our venues are for all Australians and we embrace our ability to have People With A Disability (PWAD) play at our venues every day and night of the week. Zone Bowling now accept the Companion Card and offer a FREE game of bowling to an accompanying carer. We also offer every-day discounted bowling to all people with a disability when visiting our venues.

Mighty Good

Talent school

Adelaide's first children's dancing, singing & acting school began as "The Johnny Young Talent School" in 1978. We provide quality, safe and cost effective education in all areas of the performing arts for future employment, whether on stage, or in any other workplace. ​Building self esteem and confidence in a ​ ​non-competitive environment as a healthy alternative (or in addition) to other forms of exercise.


Link Film Academy

Adelaide's first stop for new filmmakers!

TYPE talent

Acting and Performing Arts School

TYPE talent is an Acting and Performing Arts School in Adelaide. Owned and run by a highly skilled team of entertainment industry professionals. They each bring their own unique and diverse history as shown in their interviews further down this page. ​ Through specialised acting and performing arts classes TYPE Talent provides the benefits of learning how to skillfully react and interact with an audience.